A Very Special Christmas Gift

Right after we moved to Kansas City I was talking to my mother-in-law and she mentioned how much she loved getting pictures of her grandchildren.  It reminded me of a very special book I saw at a trade show a few months ago.  The album was an ABC book of a small boy, photographed beautifully and illustrating many of the boys favorite activities and his personality.  I decided we would need o make one of our very own books and send it home for the grandparents for Christmas.  What I didn’t realize at the time was how much work this kind of a project was going to take and how uncooperative  my little bundle of energy could be.  My goal for the project, aside from having a very special gift for Christmas, was to photograph each page like a photographer and not like a mom.  No snapshots and each picture had to be lit and edited properly  to make the album as perfect and professional as possible.  Of course a few pages ended up being snapshots of our family, but I realized that sometimes those truly are the most beautifully captured moments.  I was amazed at how much inspiration came about from just carrying my camera around with me.  For example, one day Haven and I went for a walk to explore downtown KC a bit better.  We stumbled upon YJ’s snack bar down at 17th St and since our day was a bit chilly, we decided to stop and get a hot chocolate.  After one sip of the incredible foamy goodness, Haven started giggling because he had foam left on his lip.  I had originally planned something completely different, but milk mustache was too perfect!  I can’t tell you the weird looks we got as I tried over and over again to get Haven to hold still at the exact moment he had a good mustache.  People must have thought I was crazy.  Without further ado, a glance into my life and one absolutely perfect little boy.

P.S. I was in such a rush to get the album printed and sent out in time for Christmas, that I missed printing my own.  As soon as I get one I promise to post pictures of what the actual album looks like.
































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