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Deanna Johnson


Photography found me and I fell in love, almost by accident. One day it was just for fun, now it is my life.  It is the thing that I do that has come to define me; the thing that allowed me to gain the self-confidence to live the life everyone else talks about. There is nothing like the click of a shutter and the flutter in your heart when you know that it was a perfect moment that now will be remembered for a lifetime. Photography is a dynamic.  It is a challenge with ever changing life and light that you have to be completely immersed in it to understand how it lives and breathes. It is the thing that me makes me tick — along with — barefoot in the grass, my sons when they are sleeping and when they are in full destruction mode, craft paper and lace, bright colorful rooms with big comfy chairs, junk in wheat fields, parts of town with under-appreciated beauty, a smile, a kiss, big earrings, the love of my life, and watching other people marry theirs.

-Love Deanna


At a Day to Adore Photography, my focus is the relationships that make up our lives. I work to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience so that we can capture real and meaningful moments. I aim to capture the bonds, emotions, and moments that can’t be re-lived or replaced. To create a visual heritage of a time that will be treasured for generations.

Every couple’s story has the big events – the moment you met, the first I love you, the proposal. But what defines a relationship are the moments that happen in-between all of that. The touches, the smiles, the unspoken understanding that this is exactly where you are both meant to be.

Weddings are no different. The planning of the wedding day focuses on the big events – the vows, the cake, the first dance, the toasts. In-between all of those epic events are the small moments that define the day. It is these moments and emotions that I love to capture. A bride catching her mother’s gaze as she walks down the aisle. The flower girl dancing with grandpa or the ring bearer sneaking frosting off of the cake. The fathers skipping hand in hand down the exit row. A wedding day will fly by in whirl, but these often overlooked moments are the very ones you will cherish the most in your photographs. The moments that tell your story.

How I Got Started

Iwas 15 when my parents surprised me with a camera on Christmas morning. I guess my mom was tired of me stealing her disposable cameras. In college I took a black and white film class, my old high school camera right at my side. I loved the sanctuary of the darkroom where I could crank up the tunes and lose myself in the darkness and the smell. There is nothing quite like the moment when a photograph appears on a previously empty sheet of paper. While I chose not to continue my photography education in college (I have a degree in Health Education 🙂 the joy of capturing images never quite went away, somehow I couldn’t just let it go. I had no intention or idea of becoming a photographer, but when my father-in-law gave me a hand me down Pentax camera and suddenly I had a “nice” camera and the world at my fingertip. My husband was working on a graphic design company with a business partner and they needed some family pictures for an invitation set, so I took them. My little sister got herself engaged so I took some engagement photos and bridal portraits for her, then I was hooked. I quickly upgraded cameras and started taking every workshop I could find, basically I was a workshop junkie! I starting trying to absorb every ounce of knowledge and just kept trying and practicing new ideas and techniques. My journey in photography has brought me many late nights, many face in the palm boughts of frustration, and many many lessons in science, business, and life. It has also brought me amazing people, unparalleled joy, and the opportunity to live the life I dreamt about. I owe all of my successes to the people in my life that saw an opportunity for me, even before I saw it. To the amazing couples and families I photograph for the chance to share in their moments and their lives. And to the littles who wave me goodbye from the front window of our tiny house each time I leave for a shoot..

My Family

Kendall and I met when he approached me at a house party, put out his hand, and said “Hi.  I’m Kendall”.  I totally knew who he was, but tried to play coy and pretended like I hadn’t been seeing him pop up on campus for months.  The Monday after I had to have all four of my wisdom teeth pulled and let’s just say I rocked some serious chipmunk cheeks.  Wednesday he asked me to come over and watch a movie, I warned him of the current state of my cheeks, but he insisted.  When I arrived he asked if he could see my sockets.  It must have been the best/worst pick-up line ever because three weeks later we decided to get married.  The last seven years together have been a whirlwind of cross county adventures, exploring our new home in Kansas City, and more love than I could ever have dreamt of.  Haven is our handsome ninja/race car/demolition derby.  I don’t think that child has ever stopped running.  He has the biggest heart I have ever met and is the sweetest brother in the world.  Kale decided he didn’t want to miss the party and surprised us two weeks early on St. Patrick’s Day–hence why we named him after the leafy collard green vegetable.  He loves to snuggle up and read stories,  ride escalators, and despite his quiet demeanor can actually hold his own in a wrestling match.  It’s my life with these amazing humans that catches my breath and makes me want to freeze each and every moment with them.

Photo Credit Briana Gray (Shades of Gray Photography)

A Little Peek

Ilove concerts.  Not huge stadium shows, but the kind of concert where you can reach out and touch the energy and passion of the artists.  Where the only thing you can do is close your eyes and feel the rhythm all the way through the tips of your toes – and so much more…

 I adore vintage findings, the types of treasures where few know what kind of history they hold.

Vintage artwork is even better.

I love soft blankies and bright colors.

I was born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho.  Right at the edge of the Rockie Mountains.

I am in love with Kansas City.  Everyday I find new and exciting corners, tastes, beauty and never want to leave.

I love my lists.  Despite trying to covert to the fancy organization apps, I am a good old paper and pen kinda girl.

Twine.  It’s kinda like my fix it all.

Life and finding all the beauty held within.