Alex & Logan {Downtown Kansas City Engagement Photography}

Sometimes our lives are shaped by the right timing.  Like when Alex and Logan tried dating the first time around after meeting in college.  The timing wasn’t quite right and they went their separate ways.  A few months later and a trip to Florida brought them back together again and this time it was magic.

As I drove into River Market the night of our engagement session the sky turned dark and overcast.  I always schedule my sessions close to sunset for the perfect golden hour lighting but when mother nature tosses a blanket over the sky it can sometimes throw off that timing.  We had a quick discussion about which photos were most important to Alex and Logan and made a slight change of plans to make sure that we wouldn’t run out out of light or get caught in the rain.  Our timing however couldn’t have been more ideal for the rainclouds lifted and the sun came out right as we reached one of my favorite spots for wildflower photographs.  The result is magic.  Enjoy!

downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-1 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-2
downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-4 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-5 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-6 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-7 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-8 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-9 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-10 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-11 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-12 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-13 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-14 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-15 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-16 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-17 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-18 downtown-kansas-city-enagegement-photography-19

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