Ali and Greg {Loose Mansion | Kansas City Wedding Photography}

I typically write a whole story about each of the weddings I shoot.  But when I asked Ali to describe her and Greg’s gorgeous Loose Mansion wedding day, she described in a way I just can’t even begin to touch.  So for this one I am turning over to Ali.  

Favorite Moment of the Day:  I’m finding it impossible to pick out a single favorite moment in a day so full of amazing experiences.  Some great memories include: walking up behind Greg and hugging him, then seeing his face light up when he saw me in my bridal gown; standing on the stone wall in front of the Mansion peeking around a column at Greg; walking down the aisle towards Greg; standing on the stairs as the Best Man Shane and Matron of Honor Kelly made their toasts to us; seeing the decorations I’d labored over, and all the firefly lights in the Grand Salon aglow as we first walked in for dinner; the first bite of amazing white cheddar mac’n’cheese with lobster; dancing with Greg to music we love; watching my guests of all ages playing with the light-up party gifts and the kids run around covered in green lights and laughing; looking into Greg’s eyes and calling him my husband; sitting in the Carriage House and finally enjoying slices of our delicious wedding cake; waking during the night and seeing all the fairy berries still twinkling throughout the Carriage House and feeling like I was still in the middle of a dream.

Inspiration for the wedding:  Victorian elegance and May magic – the warmth and richness of Loose Mansion were very much Greg’s and my style.  We also love fireworks and lights, and by using green glass and twinkling green fiber optic sprays and fairy berries in honor of May’s emerald birthstone we brought a firefly-evening feel to the indoor setting.  The pussy willows and butterflies helped us create Spring magic inside the mansion.

Advice to brides planning in the future:  Make your day personal to you, no matter what anyone says isn’t popular, fashionable, or possible.  Also, if you want something special, unique, or odd, just ask for help.  I discovered many vendors and individuals were willing and even eager to give of their time, energy, and skills to share in the joy of my wedding story.

Special Thanks to my assistant and second shooters for the day, Mike Tsai and Jenny Losee.


Wedding Professionals you worked with:

Rings designed by me, and made into reality by Jeffery at Visionary Jewelers in Overland Park, KS.

Loose Mansion’s staff, especially Amy Capps and Katie Blair.

Stephanie at Starry Night Designs Studio painted the amazing aisle runner.  lkenhorst and friends).

Caterer:  Loose Mansion Kitchen

Dress:  Belle Vogue Bridal – Tanya; Alterations by Laura Robinson

Bridal Accessories:  Mantilla Veil – Marilee of Ultimate Bridal Veils (Etsy)

Hair:  Melissa Blayton

Make-up:  Melissa Blayton

Tuxedos/Suits:  Grooms – Gentleman’s Emporium.  Others – Men’s Wearhouse

Flowers:  Adria Hunter, Bloom 47

Cake:  Lynne Searcy-Mueller, Icing on the Cake

Favors:  We made the bookmarks ourselves, from leather, silk, and gold-plated beads

Invitations:  I made and printed them through Zazzle

Band:  Bob Walkenhorst, Jeff Porter, and Norm Dahlor