Ally & Eric {Kansas City Downtown Engagement Photography}

Ally and Eric grew up miles from each other.  Their parents had been friends for years when by some twist of fate both Ally and Eric ended up heading to the same college in Arkansas.  They connected and the rest will come together for their gorgeous wedding next year.  I was so excited to take these two on an urban adventure.  I had been eyeballing a set of stone stairs in the middle of downtown (and almost driving off the road a couple of times trying to scope them out) pretty much since I moved here, but hadn’t found the perfect opportunity to test them out.  Ally and Eric were a perfect fit for this little urban oasis.  Enjoy!!Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-1 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-2 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-3 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-4 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-5 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-6 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-7 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-8 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-9 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-10 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-11 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-12 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-13 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-14 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-15 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-16 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-17 Kansas_City_engagement_Wedding_Photogtaphy-18

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