Aly + Chuckie {Kansas City Fashion Photography}

I have always considered myself a natural light photographer.  I love the freedom of running from location to location with minimal equipment and just shooting to my hearts content.  Even after having a studio for a couple of years and owning everything necessary to become a flash photographer I still default to natural light.  If I am honest with myself, I realize that this default is usually due to frustration when I attempt to use my OCF (off camera flash).  Either I fumble with the settings or I just don’t feel like I love the look of the what the light is doing.  Now I have taken quite a few workshops on how to properly use OCF and I tuck all of that useful information away in my brain and hope that it will all come together the next time I pull out my lights.  And, as you might guess, it never does.

In November I decided to take one more shot at really learning this OCF stuff, so I decided to take a workshop here in KC.  The teacher, Chuckie Arlund, is pretty much a OCF rockstar and creates amazing artwork using mostly the same equipment that I already own.  The workshop was “Don’t Be Afraid of the Light” and couldn’t have been better named.  Not only did Chuckie put a different and very simple spin on OCF but he forced me to solve problems and ask myself why I didn’t like something and how I could fix the lighting so that I would like it.  At the end of the day I went away with a renewed energy to really learn and harness the power of OCF.

So this is the beginning of what will be many blog posts on my journey to keep pushing myself to be better, to know more, and share more of my life and my heart through my art.

If you can believe it our gorgeous model, Aly, is 15.  Yes you read that correctly, she is 15.  As the current Miss Teen Kansas I am so excited to follow her on her journey.  This girl is headed for big things!  Enjoy!

If anyone is interested in learning more about the Don’t Be Afraid of the Light Workshops and Chuckie Arlund click here.


And a few behind the scenes shots just for fun!Kansas_City_Fashion_Photography-8Kansas_City_Fashion_Photography-9Kansas_City_Fashion_Photography-10