Alyx & Drew {Kansas City Couples Photography}

I absolutely love when my friends give me the chance to take photos for them.  It is so relaxed and easy!  Alyx and Drew are one of those couples you instantly fall in love with.  It doesn’t matter how long you have been married it is never a bad idea to get dolled up for a couples photo session on a gorgeous evening in Kansas City.  Enjoy!bright-fall-engagement-photography-kansas-city-1 bright-fall-engagement-photography-kansas-city-2 bright-fall-engagement-photography-kansas-city-3 bright-fall-engagement-photography-kansas-city-4 bright-fall-engagement-photography-kansas-city-5 bright-fall-engagement-photography-kansas-city-6 bright-fall-engagement-photography-kansas-city-7 bright-fall-engagement-photography-kansas-city-8 bright-fall-engagement-photography-kansas-city-9 bright-fall-engagement-photography-kansas-city-10 bright-fall-engagement-photography-kansas-city-11 bright-fall-engagement-photography-kansas-city-12 bright-fall-engagement-photography-kansas-city-13

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