Amber & Chris {The Guild | Kansas City Wedding Photography}


Amber and Chris‘s wedding was all about the color!  Amber used an amazing combination of granny apple green and deep plum throughout the entire day.  Armed with some mad DIY skills, Amber turned simple wine bottles and hurricane glass into the perfect pops of color against The Guild‘s neutral and classic palette.  The bridesmaids looked amazing in Plum dresses and the bridal party rocked their green sunglasses.  Loose Park was a gorgeous early summer green and the alleyways surrounding The Guild were a gorgeous plethora of artistic murals and ivy covered walls.

The first time I met Amber at The Guild  I got so excited for her wedding to come.  The Guild is an event space like non other.  Located on Locust in the heart of the Crossroads District, The Guild is the perfect event space for Kansas City weddings.  The unique architecture combined with the amazing chandelier, urban brick, clean subway tiles, and paned glass windows gives any event a unique and vintage feel.  The cherry on the top is the gorgeous green space that they finished right before Amber’s Wedding and was perfect for her outdoor ceremony.

A few things from Amber:
Favorite Moment of the Day:
A few of our favorite moments were: Seeing each other for the first time. I was kind of back and forth about whether or not to see each other before the wedding because many people had told me it would take away from us seeing each other when I walked down the isle. I completely disagree. Being able to see Chris for the first time prior to everything kind of settled my nerves and allowed me to enjoy the day. Before I saw him I was worrying the whole time about what I did/didnt have done. As soon as I saw him and we were able to enjoy the trolley and hang out with our close friends before it allowed me to relax and have fun. Once the wedding was over I felt a little overwhelmed by all of the people that we needed to talk to so it was nice to have a momment with just Chris and then enjoy some time with our close friends. Chris says his favorite momment was seeing me walk down the isle. I would agree with him on that as well. Even after seeing him before hand it is still an emotional experience and has just as much meaning being able to walk down with my father and step father and have my future husband standing there waiting to marry me. Another favorite moment was walking in to the reception and just seeing the amount of friends and family that came there for us to celebrate our day. Even though it was a little overwhelming having to try and talk to everyone, it is such a nice feeling knowing so many people traveled so far and wanted to be there to share in our day.Inspiration for the wedding:
I don’t know that I really had an inspiration. When you are just a little girl you dream of marrying your prince charming and having a beautiful wedding with all of your family there. That was all I wanted. Everything else just came into place. We did all of our planning and decorations on our own and I just prayed it would all look good when I saw it all together and I was very pleased. I had awesome day of wedding coordinators that put my vision all together.
Advice to brides planning in the future:
So many people told me prior to the wedding to make sure you take the time to enjoy the day.  They had said stop and take mental pictures of everything so that you remember it all. I think that is very good advice. You only get to walk down the isle once, cut your cake once, and have your first dance once. I tried to make sure to enjoy every momment and remember them. It helped being able to get ready in the place our wedding was. I got to see everything come together while I was there which was nice. So many brides had told me I don’t even remember what my centerpieces look like or I dont even know what the food tasted like and that is just crazy. I wanted to enjoy all the hard work we put into everything and I think we did.


Wedding Professionals you worked with:

Wedding Planner/Day of Coordinator:
Flair KC
DJ: Sun Up Jones DJ Services- CJ


Smokin’ Guns BBQ
Natalie M
Bridal Accessories:
Sash-Natalie M
Wedding ring- Vincas
Nicki Pace- Beauty Mart Liberty
Marci- Serendipity Liberty
Page Dye- Beauty Brands Liberty
Bridesmaid Dresses:
Davids Bridal
Mens Warehouse
Village Gardens Blue Springs
Dana Nigro
My cousin
Guitar Player
Tanya Appling
Second Photography
Aimee Geis