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An Inspiration Shoot at Fabulous Frocks {Kansas City Wedding Photography}

Can I be totally honest for a second?  I did not want to do this shoot.

Now before you close out the window and go away thinking I’m a horrible photographer/business person, let me explain.  A few months ago I reached out to my friend, Meg, about shooting a Thursday Therapy networking event.  Thursday Therapy is a group for wedding professionals to get together once a month and meet and well network.  It is an amazing community and I have loved being a part of it.  Well she gave me the November event to put on my calendar and all of a sudden the idea went from just shooting the event to doing an inspiration shoot before.  Sounds perfect, right?  Well then I went a booked a trip to South Carolina for a photography conference.  On paper everything looked perfect. My flight from SC would land in KC and I would drive straight from the airport to the shoot.  No problem.

Except this fall has been my busiest ever and I was exhausted before I even left for the conference.  Then throw in two days of mind blowing photography content and super late night up meeting some of the most incredible photographers from all over the world and that exhaustion level was at an all time high.  The night before the flight I slept three hours (no ones fault but mine).  I might have gotten a 20 minute nap on the plane and by the time I landed I wanted to go home, snuggle my baby, take a shower, and sleep for days.

But I had to shoot.  I got to Fabulous Frocks and everyone probably thought I looked like death.  I had totally blown on it on the timing of the shoot (dang daylight saving time) and had way too much to shoot in way too little time.  Now if you are still with me, forgive me for the complaining but I promise there is a point.

Enter the people.  To start, Angela with Fabulous Frocks.  This girl is on a mission to make designer gowns accessible to the normal bride.  The dresses she chose for the shoot were incredible.  Then there is Ashley with Good Earth Floral.  If there was ever a woman to say I don’t know how she does it, it would about her.  This momma of three is the brain and talent behind Good Earth and her designs are out of this world.  Plus she just opened a storefront (The Flower Shop) in Overland Park.   She brought a huge array of bouquets in very distinctive styles and a ton of wearable flower jewelry. And she pulled off the cutest flower shoes in the history of the world.  Shannon with Shannon Bond Cake designed a three tier cake to perfectly compliment the watercolor design in Fabulous Frocks.  Talk about a wealth of inspiration from the moment I walked in the door.

And then there was Mika and Bo.  From the moment I asked them to stand in the background of the cake and cuddle, I fell in love with them.  These two have been married less than a year, but the way they fit together feels like they are old souls that have been doing this all their loves.  All of the stress and the exhaustion that I had been feeling up to then melted away and the camera and the moment took over.  No matter what I asked them to do they melted together like they couldn’t stand to be apart for more than they had to be.  Mika is a total bombshell in front of a camera and Bo fit right in.  At one moment I was trying to get a headshot of just Mika to show off the jewelry she was wearing.  I asked Bo a couple of questions about what he loved about her.  As he started talking she had a more serious expression on her face (as I had asked her to do) but the more he said the harder it became for her to not to break into the biggest grin.  She glowed and her love radiated in all directions.  After this the shoot went way too fast (and I’m sorry Ashley for all of your amazing details I didn’t have time to shoot).  Before I knew it every once of daylight was gone and it was time to turn on networking mode.

Doing this shoot, at the moment I did, feeling the way I did when it started, and feeling the way I did when it was over reminded me of all of the reasons I started doing photography in the first place.  Not only do I get to create pretty pictures, but I get to work with the most amazing people on a regular basis.  I get to be surrounded by those deeply in love– with each other and with the work that they do.  It makes me forget the troubles of the world and sink into the joy of capturing beauty as it stands.  And for that opportunity I will forever be grateful.

So if you’re still reading (and thanks for hanging in there) here’s to messy.  Here’s to running on no sleep and running out of light.  Here’s to love and being inspiring to others in ways you didn’t even know you could be.  Here’s to real life in and out of focus. And lastly here’s to kicking up your heels and laughing for there is more beauty in this world than we can possibly contain.

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fabulous-frocks-goode-earth-floral-inspiration-photography-wedding-45 fabulous-frocks-goode-earth-floral-inspiration-photography-wedding-46 fabulous-frocks-goode-earth-floral-inspiration-photography-wedding-47 fabulous-frocks-goode-earth-floral-inspiration-photography-wedding-48 fabulous-frocks-goode-earth-floral-inspiration-photography-wedding-49 fabulous-frocks-goode-earth-floral-inspiration-photography-wedding-50

The amazing team behind the inspiration shoot:

Venue: Fabulous Frocks-Kansas City

Floral: Good Earth Floral Design

Hair for Mika: Bella Hair Company

Cake: Shannon Bond Cake Design

Mika’s Dresses provided by Fabulous Frocks: Martina Liana, Wtoo, Nicole Miller

Photography: A Day to Adore Photography

Jewelry: Sara Gabriel

Thursday Therapy Professionals:

Hair and Make-up: Faces Make-up Artistry Kansas City

Venue: Fabulous Frocks-Kansas City

Floral: Good Earth Floral Design

Cupcakes: Shannon Bond Cake Design

Videography: Montage Films

Wedding Planner: J. Lynn Designery

DJ: DJ Alex Reed

Photo Booth: Banana Who? Booth

Catering: Olive Events

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