Baby Rafe {Kansas City Newborn Photography}

Two weeks ago we had the delightful opportunity to travel to our hometown of Pocatello, Idaho to spend Kendall’s spring break (I know spring break in February.  Who’s idea was that?)  visiting family, soaking in the long missed Lava Hot Springs, eating at our favorite Mexican Restaurant (sorry KC, but you got nothing on real west Mexican Food), and catching up with a few old friends.  One of my oldest and best friends decided to go and have a baby while I was gone, so of course I had to see this adorable little guy and I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures.  Back in my studio days, I would have hauled out flooring, backdrops, tons of props and baskets, and we would have spent hours coaxing brand new babies into milk comas and patiently posing these tiny bundles to achieve a perfect shot of a perfect baby.  With the relocation of my family and the loss of our gorgeous old town studio space, I have been forced to rethink my style on quite a few things.  Since I literally don’t have another inch of storage in my apartment for said backdrops and floor setups, I have had to be a bit more creative and lean towards a more casual and raw style for shooting newborns.   Rafe was no exception.  We literally only had about 45 minutes total before I was due to meet my family, so there simply wasn’t time for coaxing and elaborate set-ups.  It does help that this little guy has big gorgeous eyes and loved the sound of the camera click.  All it took was one adorable little baby, some beautiful natural light, a killer telephoto lens, and we managed to capture this guy in a way that makes you feel like you are really seeing who he is.  No elaborate set needed.