Beth & Josh {The Bauer | Kansas City Wedding Photography}

The thing that I love the most about being a wedding photographer is that I truly believe it makes me be a better person and a better wife to my own husband.  Every wedding ceremony, no matter where they take place or who is officiating, is filled with words of love, respect, and caring.  The toasts talk of the individual lives a couple led before they met and always how much better they both are together.  At Beth and Josh’s wedding the Matron of Honor, Kim, spoke of the blessings she wishes them to have in their new life.   She blessed them to have financial security so that they would be able to be generous with others.  It is impossible to listen to such words of wisdom and love and not be touched by them.

Beth and Josh were sent to me by Beth’s dear friend and bridesmaid, Marilyn, whom I had the pleasure of photographing in February.  From the get go I knew that they were a very special couple.  Above all of the stresses of the wedding planning and the decision making they were always kind and thoughtful and they have this way of looking at each other.  You just know that they have IT.  The wedding day was one of those Kansas City fall days where the weather just will not cooperate.  The wind was out of control and make it impossible for us to stick to our original shooting plan of heading out into the heart of the Crossroads District.  The Bauer is such an amazing and unique space that we honestly didn’t miss anything.  We were able to utilize the amazing decor and architecture of the Bauer Event Space in a way that still fit Beth and Josh (they loved the space front the beginning-how could they not love photos in it?) and created a very cohesive feeling to the day.

A few special thoughts from Beth:

Favorite Moment of the Day: Definitely loved coming up the freight elevator at the Bauer and seeing my handsome Groom waiting there for me! We also had a lot of fun taking pictures outside that night after the ceremony. It was so windy we couldn’t take outside photos beforehand, but afterward in the twilight of the evening during our first moments as newlyweds, it was quite romantic! Even if we were sharing those moments with our favorite photographer 🙂

 Inspiration for the wedding: We were going for a blend of things- a little vintage, a little rustic, comfortable but sophisticated. Pinterest was a great friend and tool for our entire planning team.

 Advice to brides planning in the future: Hire a planner! I am a planner myself so I tried to do everything on my own and with the help of my AMAZING family and supportive fiancé we pulled it off. But I was more stressed than a bride should be during that special time and it put a lot more work on my family than I would have liked. You want to enjoy every moment and not be worried about anything!



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Beth’s amazing team of wedding professionals

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Bauer

DJ: DJ Connections

Caterer: delish!

Dress: Bridal Extraordinaire

Bridal Accessories: Rent the Runway– I love this website and borrowed my beautiful jewelry for our big day! I got a specialty OU football garter on Etsy (for my Groom) and my veil was made by The Lady Who Makes Dresses, Barb, who also did my alterations.

Hair: Belle Epoque

Make-up:  Belle Epoque

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridal Extraordinaire

Tuxedos/Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Flowers: My brother and his partner and my mom! They are AWESOME!

Cake: Marilyn Reinhardt (family)

Favors: We filled mason jars with homemade puppy chow with a label and photo that said “From Sally’s Kitchen” as a cute way to incorporate our sweet dog.

Invitations: A Day to Adore Photography and Invitations– she is as talented with paper design as she is with a camera!

Rentals: Celebration Party Rentals


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