Brittany and Dewayne {Liberty Memorial Elopement Photography}

We often see picture perfect wedding days and think how happy that couple must be.  I feel that often the journey to get to that “big day” can be overlooked in the excitement over it finally happening.  Brittany and Dewayne skipped most of the traditional wedding day stuff.  Brittany knew she wanted her father rot walk her down the aisle.  So he did.  She knew she wanted a special memorial candle lit at the ceremony.  So it was.  And her day was perfect.  You might call Brittany and Dewayne’s Liberty Memorial wedding ceremony an elopement.  But after hearing Brittany tell me the story of how they got to that day, I am in forever awe of the commitment and devotion that these two have for each other and for their children.  Their wedding day was perfect for them and their marriage will be one for the books.  Enjoy!

From my bride, Brittany:

Well I don’t think its a very exciting journey, but it sure as hell has been a tough one. We met Halloween weekend in 2010 at a bar in Warrensburg. His moves got me!!! lol We did things very backwards. At the time we both didn’t really believe in marriage. I grew up with divorced parents, so it was something I never thought I would do. We immediately wanted to start a family. Our first baby came in march of 2012. I was 23 at the time and when Kaidence was 9 months old we were surprised to find out we were pregnant with our 2nd child. Kids made things extremely difficult. We built a family before we built a foundation. We split in 2016 for 6 months, got back together and after 2 months i could tell it was back to the old ways. We were very rocky. We were complacent in our relationship. We weren’t growing as a couple, so we split again in February of 2018 and that was really hard! We got back together this last time in August. That’s when we knew no matter what happened in our relationship God always brought us back together. We have an unconditional love for one another and knew no matter what we went through we could get through anything.

I couldn’t have married Dewayne at a better time. If we got married 5 years ago we would have never lasted, even a year ago. Marriage has a totally different meaning to me now, than it did 1 year ago. When we got back together in August of 2018 we knew it was time. Everyday Dewayne would ask me “Will you marry me?” I said “in a heartbeat”. That went on for a few months, until November came around and we started to plan for a wedding. I wanted Dewayne to be my husband and he wanted me to be his wife. Our ceremony was something that meant very much to me. I didn’t want 100+ people staring at me during such a private moment, so that’s why we decided to have an intimate ceremony at the Liberty Memorial and I wouldn’t change that for anything. 

There are no words to describe the connection I have felt with Dewayne over the last week and a half. It’s an indescribable feeling. Its a connection I have never felt with him! I couldn’t be happier!! And I couldn’t be more grateful for the raw photos you got of Dewayne and I during such a special moment.