Carrie and Zachary {Kansas City Lifestyle Maternity Photography}

I think that the gift of photography is one of the sweetest gifts that you can give to another person.  A reminder of the fleeting moments in our lives and a way to remember those seasons.  I received a call last week from a very excited woman who wanted to know if I shot maternity sessions and if so if she could give her friend a session before her baby is born.  I wholeheartedly jumped at the chance to be a part of such a special and personal gift.  Carrie and Zachary were incredibly sweet to to welcome me into their home to photograph them in the place they would be bringing their baby home to.  Their home was bright and colorful and it was easy to be excited for them and the huge change that would be coming (and since Carrie was on her due date the day of the session, hopefully baby has healthfully and happily arrived). Enjoy!Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-1 Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-2 Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-3 Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-4 Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-5 Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-6 Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-7 Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-8 Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-9 Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-10 Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-11 Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-12 Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-13 Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-14 Kansas_City_Lifestyle_Maternity_Photography-15

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