Chelsey & Pat {Modern Kansas City Engagement Photography}

I have always been in love with locations that hold a special meaning inout lives.  For Chelsey and Pat it is the pathway near their house where they often go to for walks.  For a long time it was just a park with a walking tail.  Then one day Pat got down on his knee in the middle of the bridge that they had walked over so many times before and asked Chelsey to spend her life with him.  I loved visiting their special spot for their Kansas City engagement session and can’t wait for their wedding next August!  Enjoy!Engagement-photography-in-kansas-city-adaytoadorephotography-1 Engagement-photography-in-kansas-city-adaytoadorephotography-2 Engagement-photography-in-kansas-city-adaytoadorephotography-4 Engagement-photography-in-kansas-city-adaytoadorephotography-5 Engagement-photography-in-kansas-city-adaytoadorephotography-6 Engagement-photography-in-kansas-city-adaytoadorephotography-3 Engagement-photography-in-kansas-city-adaytoadorephotography-11 Engagement-photography-in-kansas-city-adaytoadorephotography-7 Engagement-photography-in-kansas-city-adaytoadorephotography-8 Engagement-photography-in-kansas-city-adaytoadorephotography-9 Engagement-photography-in-kansas-city-adaytoadorephotography-10

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