Christina & Jake {Kansas City Engagement Photography}

I first connected with Christina over our matching area codes.  Jake and Christina also hail from the great state of Idaho but moved to Kansas City and like us totally fell in love with this town.  They are planning an amazing old Hollywood inspired wedding in Kansas City next May and thought it would be fun to break out some costumes for their matching save the date cards.  I was having so much fun shooting them in costume at the Kansas City Central Library that I almost forgot to give them enough time to change.  Once the sun set we changed back into costume for some dramatic night shots in front of the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts and the Kansas City Skyline.  I can’t wait to see how amazing the wedding day comes together! Enjoy!Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-1 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-2 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-3 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-4 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-5 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-6 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-7 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-8 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-9 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-10 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-11 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-12 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-13 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-14 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-15 Vintage_Kansas_City_Engagement_Couples_Wedding_Photography-16

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