Christina & Michael {Autumn Engagement Session at Alldredge Orchards}

While Alldredge Orchards is by far one of my very favorite locations for a photography session in the Kansas City area, no matter how many times I shoot there I fall more in love with it.  There are so many hidden nooks and the changing seasons always bring about new colors and a new feeling.  Christina and Michael’s gorgeous early fall engagement session was the best combination of sunshine and a crisp evening.  The orchards were full of apples (and if you have never had apples from the orchard do yourself a favor and go!) these two sweethearts.  Enjoy!Alldredge-Orchards-Wedding-Photography-in-Kansas-City-1 Alldredge-Orchards-Wedding-Photography-in-Kansas-City-2 Alldredge-Orchards-Wedding-Photography-in-Kansas-City-3 Alldredge-Orchards-Wedding-Photography-in-Kansas-City-4 Alldredge-Orchards-Wedding-Photography-in-Kansas-City-5 Alldredge-Orchards-Wedding-Photography-in-Kansas-City-6 Alldredge-Orchards-Wedding-Photography-in-Kansas-City-7 Alldredge-Orchards-Wedding-Photography-in-Kansas-City-8 Alldredge-Orchards-Wedding-Photography-in-Kansas-City-9 Alldredge-Orchards-Wedding-Photography-in-Kansas-City-10 Alldredge-Orchards-Wedding-Photography-in-Kansas-City-11

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