Dana & Seth {Pebble Ski Resort Wedding | Destination Wedding Photography}

This wedding is a little close to my heart (and very overdue on the blog).  The gorgeous bride is my younger sister Dana (and I’m sure looking at us side by side you wouldn’t be able to tell;)  When Dana and her long time boyfriend, Seth, decided to get married we all breathed a sigh of FINALLY!  They set their wedding for August at the Pebble Creek Ski Resort in Inkom, Idaho.  I loved that they chose a location close to home and one with so much history in all of our lives.  Pebble Creek is only about 20 minutes from our hometown and we spent many winter afternoon learning to snowboard on the steepest bunny hill in the history of ski areas.  It won’t be long until Dana and Seth are teaching their adorable two kiddos how to board the same hill.

With a limited budget, we knew we would have to get a bit creative with the decor.  The ski lodge isn’t exactly built for hosting weddings, but the surrounding mountains and amazing view of the Inkom valley cannot be beat.  Thankfully my grandfather owns a discount/dollar store called Westwood Discount in Pocatello.  We were able to purchase 95% of the wedding decor supplies from his store and with some creativity and a lot of hot glue, turn the very plain ski lodge into a charming and rustic wedding reception.  We folded circles of doilies over twine to create a simple and fluttery bunting that we used inside the lodge, on the deck outside, and as a simple backdrop for the wedding ceremony.  Instead of renting linens, we covered the reception tables with craft paper and let the little guests color the reception away.  The succulent centerpieces were made from tin cans, old coffee burlap bags, and simple coral and teal ribbon.  The ceremony and reception sign was old pallet wood and the bunting signs were nothing more than coffee burlap and a bit of white paint.  Dessert was homemade brownies and my aunt Diane’s amazing sugar cookies.  And no Strang sister wedding would be complete without the moon bounce tucked into a corner to keep the kids (and adults) entertained throughout the night.  I am pretty sure my little ring bearer played in there for at least four hours straight.

It was such an amazing day to be a part of and I couldn’t be prouder of my little sis.

From Dana: “It is hard to pinpoint my favorite moment of my wedding day. I think my favorite part was the way that Seth looked at me in my dress for the first time.  And that we could share every moment surrounded by our friends and family.”

Oh and I have to say a huge THANK YOU to my wonderful assistant for the day, Jerdanna Bird.  You are amazing and we would have missed out on so many photographs if you hadn’t come to help!


Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-1 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-2 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-3 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-4 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-5 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-6 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-7 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-8 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-9 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-10 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-11 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-12 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-13 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-14 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-15 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-16 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-17 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-18 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-19 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-20 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-21

My sisters.  I couldn’t be more proud and amazed at these two amazing women.  The one on the right just became a new momma yesterday!!Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-22

My grandma and grandpa are some of the most wonderful people.  After 60 years of marriage they are the best example to me of making it through the highs and lows of life together.Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-23 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-24 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-25 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-26 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-27 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-28 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-29 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-30 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-31 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-32 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-33 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-34 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-35 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-36 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-37 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-38Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-39 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-40 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-41 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-42 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-43 Ski_Resort_Rustic_Destination_Wedding_Photography-44 51

My mom surprised all of us b y getting up during the toasts.  Without saying a word she broke into song and sang us and all of the guests the lullaby that she used to sing to us girls when we were young and that she sang at my wedding as well.  I’m pretty sure there were no dry eyes after that one.










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