Dawn and Matt {Kansas City Engagement Photographer}



I am a photographer.  I am not a writer.  If you visit my website and read the quirky, well worded paragraphs you may think that I am.  But alas those perfect words are written by my perfect and quirky other half, and I am left staring at the computer screen any time this task is left to me.  Its not that I hate writing or I don’t know how to write, its just that when I have a camera I feel like I can capture moments and emotion as it happens to give viewers  the feeling of a time they may have missed.  With words, I just don’t know how to say it so someone else would want to read it.  What can I say about Dawn and Matt other than they are a blessing.  They are a blessing to each other and they are a blessing to those who have the opportunity to be around.

When I first met them, I was impressed at their ability to laugh together.  When I actually got them in front of the camera, I realized that this is who they are as a couple.  I was amazed at how at ease they were with each other and it made my job so easy to capture them and the chemistry that makes them work perfectly together.  It wasn’t long into the session before we were all laughing together.  It didn’t matter what part of the city we were in, they brought a happiness with them that just made the locations even more beautiful.  We started at Union Station and the Liberty Memorial for its sweeping views of the Kansas City skyline, then we headed to quaint little Parkville, Mo for a gorgeous walk in the woods (complete with wild deer and turkey spottings), and then back to the brand new Kauffman Center for one perfect sunset.  I can’t wait for their gorgeous May wedding at Unity Village!