Diana & Jonathan {Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral | Kansas City Wedding Photography}

There is something magical about intimate weddings.  After meeting during an interview for Jonathan’s internship,  a proposal complete with stops at all of their favorite spots during their courtship, Diana and Jonathan were ready for their big day.  Only they wanted theirs to be a small day surrounded by their closest friends and family.  Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral was the perfect setting for their wedding and the intimate luncheon afterwords.  It was such a sweet experience to be a part of their wedding day.

From Diana:

Favorite Moment of the Day:  Although I didn’t see it, but could only hear it; Catherine, one of my nieces, in the middle of the ceremony wanted to be with her dad, my brother Ian who was a brides-man.  I heard some little whimpers from her and my brother quietly talking to her.  I didn’t know the outcome until my wedding party walked up to the pulpit to share saying the prayers.  Ian walked up with Catherine quietly sleeping on his shoulder.  A very poignant moment was when one of his prayers mentioned caring for the children.  It was very sweet.

Inspiration for the wedding: I feel that the inspiration came from a few different sources. My mother is Taiwanese, and the culture has influenced my view of the world…and she was the one who taught me how to make paper cranes.  I also have an shop named Banjoflannel, and because of this influence, some of my items have an oriental style but also a prevalent color scheme is pink, white and black.  Thirdly, my maid of honor, bridesmaid and I are crafty girls and like to make things ourselves instead of buying them.  And lastly, I tend towards simplicity in my life, so while I wanted little attractive touches, I did not want an inflated, luxurious wedding.  The large oriental vase with peonies on the reception table was from my mom’s house.  The little white vases on the tables were from Lorena.  I think these factors together greatly influenced how my wedding and reception looked. 

Advice to brides planning in the future:  I would remind brides that the wedding day is a fleeting moment.   We try very hard to create perfection, but I would suggest that it can still be a beautiful day without planning something that will require interest payments later.  I know this opinion is a little pragmatic for a magical wedding day that can be very fun to plan, but the best part is living out the rest of your life with someone you love.  That being said, I will offer a bit of advice I’ve heard from others that I also agree with, try not to skimp on the photographer! {I promise I didn’t pay her to say that bit}

Special Thanks: 

I think I would like to stress that the entire wedding, the tangible and intangible, were all created by family and friends.  There isn’t one part of the wedding that wasn’t touched in some way by someone who just wanted to help out.  And in this way, I think it was more meaningful than hiring someone to do it all for us.  Four different families came together to help celebrate.  

Also, the dean of our church, The Very Reverend Peter DeVeau, gave a very personal homily that I appreciated.  He listened to our stories and tried to incorporate our backgrounds into the ceremony.  I would also thank Joan Bock the church wedding coordinator for her help.  

I was also very thankful for Jonathan’s mother and himself performing the music at the wedding.  They have performed at numerous other family weddings and I think it was very special for them to perform at our own wedding.  It also gave her a chance to play the massive organ!


Caterer:  Lorena Harris (maid of honor), Rachael Kenworthy (bridesmaid) and I created the food list and prepared some of the food.  Jane Day (groom’s biological mom), Jenny Miller (groom’s aunt), Jenna Buell (groom’s cousin) and Kylie Miller (groom’s cousin) came to the church early at 8:30am to help make the tea sandwiches and set up the reception hall.  Mary Ann Mansfield is the church event organizer and she also helped set up the reception hall.  The wedding day would have been extremely stressful if they hadn’t helped.  Also, the church graciously let us use anything we needed that was available in the kitchen.

Dress: David’s Bridal

Bridal Accessories: David’s Bridal and Claire’s

Hair: Tara Shaw | The Calico Beard in the Westside of KC

Make-up: Mallory Finn |  The Calico Beard

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Tuxedos/Suits: The Groom’s suit was from The Men’s Wearhouse, while I’m not sure about the others.  I believe most of them already had a black suit.

Flowers:  Lorena Harris, Rachael Kenworthy and I made all the flowers out of crepe and tissue paper.

Favors:  My mom, Lorena Harris and I put together the wedding favor boxes.  It was funny that in thinking about what I would put inside the boxes, my mom and I thought of the same thing without knowing it; tea bags and Chinese lucky candy.  We also made the paper cranes and lanterns on bamboo sticks that the flower girls were carrying.

Invitations:  I created the invitations in Photoshop and printed them through Vistaprint.