Diana & Mike {Downtown Kansas City Engagement Photography}

Thank heavens beautiful people and the sweetest pup ever!  Diana and Mike met in high school.  After being just friends for years, life intervened and these two decided that they didn’t want to take another day together for granted.  Their love and devotion to one another is apparent from the moment you meet them and I am so excited to be a part of this sweet time.  Their downtown Kansas City engagement session started on the rooftop of the Terrace on Grand and then ventured through the Crossroads to the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts.  Their sweet pup, Pete, added some extra cuddles and sass.  Enjoy! Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-1 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-2 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-3 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-4 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-5 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-6 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-7 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-8 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-9 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-10 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-11 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-12 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-13 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-14 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-15 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-16 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-17 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-18 Downtown-kansas-city-engagement-photography-19

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