Emily {Kansas City Bridal Photography}

I am so excited to finally share Emily’s gorgeous Kansas City Bridal Photography session at the Kauffman Gardens in downtown Kansas City.  Emily’s perfect winter wedding was just a week ago and we could’t take the risk of her groom, Peter, seeing the pictures before it was time.  It’s been torture hanging on to this perfect fall session as I watch the last of the flowers die and winter set in at full force.  Here’s a little sunshine to hopefully warm up these cold winter days and I promise to get Emily and Peter’s lovely wedding posted very soon.  Kansas_City_Bridal_Photography01

Kansas_City_Bridal_Photography02 Kansas_City_Bridal_Photography04 Kansas_City_Bridal_Photography05 Kansas_City_Bridal_Photography06 Kansas_City_Bridal_Photography07 Kansas_City_Bridal_Photography08 Kansas_City_Bridal_Photography09 Kansas_City_Bridal_Photography10
Kansas_City_Bridal_Photography12 Kansas_City_Bridal_Photography13 Kansas_City_Bridal_Photography14

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