Erika & Roy {Downtown Kansas City Engagement Photography}

When my good friend Roy told me that he was FINALLY going to propose his adorable girlfriend Erika, I begged him to wait until I could be there to capture the whole thing.  He told me he was so excited to do it that he wasn’t sure he could wait.  A few days later Erika casually mentioned that she had a dream that Roy had proposed.  Little did Erika know Roy had just picked up her ring.  He immediately got down on his knee and asked her to marry him.  The timing was impeccable.

When we started our downtown Kansas City engagement session the day was perfect and clear.  By the time we were wrapping up the last of our portraits the rain started pouring.  In true Erika and Roy fashion the only thing left to do was play in the rain.  It was a perfect evening for a perfect couple!  Enjoy!Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-1 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-2 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-3 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-4 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-5 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-6 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-7 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-8 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-9 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-10 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-11 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-12 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-13 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-14 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-15 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-16 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-17 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-18 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-19 Downtown-Kansas-City_engagement-Photography-20

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