Erin and Clint {Modern Kansas City Engagement Photography}

Ahhh the powers of social media.  When Erin and Clint were first introduced though a mutual friend, they realized something could be there.  And then Clint lost her phone number.  Thanks to Facebook’s amazing connectivity Clint was able to track down Erin and ask her for a proper date.  We had a stunning fall night in Kansas City for their engagement session and I can’t wait for their wedding next year.  Enjoy!candid-Kansas-City-engagement-photography-1 candid-Kansas-City-engagement-photography-2 candid-Kansas-City-engagement-photography-3 candid-Kansas-City-engagement-photography-4 candid-Kansas-City-engagement-photography-5 candid-Kansas-City-engagement-photography-6 candid-Kansas-City-engagement-photography-7 candid-Kansas-City-engagement-photography-8 candid-Kansas-City-engagement-photography-9 candid-Kansas-City-engagement-photography-10 candid-Kansas-City-engagement-photography-11 candid-Kansas-City-engagement-photography-12 candid-Kansas-City-engagement-photography-13 candid-Kansas-City-engagement-photography-14

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