Finley {Kansas City Newborn Photography}

Finley was an absolute dear for her Kansas City newborn session.  Although she was a few weeks old at her session (mostly due to her surprising her mom and dad with an early arrival) she slept most of the time and even when she was awake she loved kisses from her mom and her dad.  Enjoy!

Kansas_City_Newborn_Photography-1 Kansas_City_Newborn_Photography-2 Kansas_City_Newborn_Photography-3 Kansas_City_Newborn_Photography-4 Kansas_City_Newborn_Photography-5 Kansas_City_Newborn_Photography-6 Kansas_City_Newborn_Photography-7 Kansas_City_Newborn_Photography-8 Kansas_City_Newborn_Photography-9 Kansas_City_Newborn_Photography-10 Kansas_City_Newborn_Photography-11 Kansas_City_Newborn_Photography-12 Kansas_City_Newborn_Photography-13

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