Jacie & Justin {Rustic Destination Wedding Photography}

As much as I have grown to love Kansas City, there is nothing quite as beautiful as the mountains surrounding my hometown.  I guess it could also be said that those mountains are made all the more beautiful by my amazing family that live there.  Not only was I able to make the trip home to spend some much needed time with all of them, but I was also blessed to be asked to photograph my cousin’s wedding.

Jacie and Justin met 10 years ago.  Life took the twists and turns that it always does, but they ended up right where they were meant to be.  Enjoy!

From our bride Jacie:

Favorite Moment of the Day: Walking down the aisle seeing all of our family and friends and of course watching my sweet husband get choked up as I walked toward him. 

Inspiration for the wedding:  My “inspiration” was just trying to create a “fun and memorable day” for as many people as possible.

Advice to brides planning in the future: Don’t get hung up on the little things, at the end of the day all that really matters is that you’ve married the person you love.  

Special thanks to my second shooter Jenny Losee!

Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-1 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-2 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-3 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-4 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-8 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-9 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-10 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-11 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-12 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-13 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-14 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-15 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-6 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-7 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-5 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-17 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-18 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-19 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-20 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-21 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-22 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-23 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-24 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-25 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-26 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-27 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-28 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-29 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-30 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-31 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-32 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-1-2
Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-33Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-35 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-36 Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-37

Rustic-destination-wedding-photography-39Wedding Professionals Jacie worked with:

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Greystone Manor, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Caterer: Farmer’s Corner Catering 

Bridal Accessories: Veil was my mother’s custom made veil from 1978; hair piece and brooch from Treasure’s

Hair: Casey from La Bella Vita 

Make-up: Misty from La Bella Vita 

Tuxedos/Suits: Tuxedos Now

Flowers: Busy Bees

Cake: Jody Nelson

Favors: Tee Pee Advertising 

Rentals: East Idaho Home Interiors


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