Jennifer and Cory {First Christian Church & The Rhapsody Wedding | Independence Wedding Photography}

If there was ever a day to believe in happily ever after, it is on your wedding day.  And if there was ever a time to plan something in your life with happily ever after in mind, it is also for your wedding day.  Jennifer and Cory met without any thought to ever after.  One the last night of a church convention they were introduced.  After months of no contact things fell right into place and something bigger developed–an ever after you could say.

Jennifer and Cory got married at the First Christian Church in Independence, Missouri (the very same church her parents were married in).  The day was warm and gorgeous and one for the history books.  Since the church was right down the street from the Independence Square and they happened to be holding the Halloween Parade only minutes after the wedding ceremony was over.  We decided to take a little walk just to see what we could see.  One thing led to another and before we knew it my crazy fun bridal party was jumping into the parade and taking full advantage of the cheering crowds.  As fun as the moment was, it was unfortunately short lived thanks to the watchful eye of the Independence police department keeping everyone safe and politely asking us to exit the parade route (and then immediately checking with me to make sure I got the shot:).  After a stop at the Bingham Waggoner Estate for some bridal party pictures the party continued at the Rhapsody Wedding and Event Hall.  It was definitely a day for the books.  Enjoy!

From our lovely couple:

Bride: Before the wedding I was able to see my hubby in the balcony of the church. (He was blind folded of course!) All of the guests were being seated and speculating what dress I was wearing. The day was so hectic is was amazing being able to have alone time with my soon-to-be husband. Seeing him standing there made me realize that I am the luckiest girl. In less then 20 minutes I would be married to my best friend. Of course crashing the halloween parade was a highlight of my day! 

Groom: My favorite memory was seeing my wife walking down the isle. She couldn’t see me but I could see her. I’ll always remember the smile on her face and how it took my breath away. 

Inspiration for the wedding: I’ve always believe in happily ever afters. Cinderella and Belle, certainly had one. I guess you could say Disney was my inspiration. I believe Cory and I have the sort of love where we would fight dragons, villains and cross the ocean for. I wanted our wedding (the biggest day in our lives) to reflect that. 

Advice to brides planning in the future:  Be sure to set aside some time for you and your groom after you are married before the reception. You’ll be spending time with people talking to you and congratulating you, often being pulled in different directions all night. Spend some time, even is just 10 minutes, to take in that you’re MARRIED! Also surround your self with a wedding party that truly cares for you and your groom. Planning a wedding, while fun, is stressful and you need a good support group to keep you smiling!!

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Wedding professionals Jennifer worked with:

Wedding Ceremony: First Christian Church

Wedding Reception:  The Rhapsody

DJ: The Rhapsody 

Videography: Wedit 

Caterer: Blue Springs Hyvee 

Dress: David’s Bridal

Bridal Accessories: David’s Bridal, Bracelet (gift from groom)-Expressions  by Helzburg 

Hair: Salon Ami 

Make-up: Salon Ami

Bridesmaid Dresses: Davids Bridal

Tuxedos/Suits: Men’s Warehouse  

Flowers: Village Gardens 

Cake: Hyvee Bakery 

Invitations: Invitations by Dawn 

Rentals: Village Gardens

Vocals and guitar: Mitch Kilpatrick

Pianist- Laura Kilpatrick

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