Jennifer & Dirk {Ramsey Farms Country Wedding Day}

It was a perfect day for a gorgeous wedding in the rolling hills of both Missouri and Iowa.  Jennifer and Dirk’s day began at the Grant City Christian Church which is extra special to the two of them because Dirk is a pastor there.  After a heartfelt and personal ceremony the celebration moved to the Ramsey Farmstead just across the border into Iowa.  The intimate reception was full of great food, yard games, and tons of laughter in the beautiful setting.  Enjoy!

From our bride, Jennifer:

Favorite Moments of the Day: When Dirk served our family communion, immediately following the ceremony we were kissing in the foyer and Ally said jokingly, “That’ll be enough of that” and Joshua had his face behind the Bible 😉

Inspiration for the wedding:  The ultimate inspiration for our wedding was the One who brought us together, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Beyond that, other inspiration was to have a vintage, intimate, heartfelt atmosphere that spoke of the heart of our rural roots and really captured the essence of who we are: Dirk grew up as a cowboy, and I love vintage shabby chic antiques and heirlooms. 

The berry basket favors were in honor of my maternal grandparents’ (George & Anita Thompson) and my mom’s farming heritage. While my mom was growing up, her parents (George & Anita) owned a peach orchard and strawberry patch. Thus the inspiration for having a berry basket favor with peaches and strawberries in it (and blackberries thrown in because I used to help my grandma Anita pick the blackberries that grew wild on her property at the bottom of the hill down by the creek while I was growing up).  Dirk also made (cut, varnished, and branded) the table numbers from red cedar logs (the wood slab centerpieces that he cut and varnished were also red cedar). 

Advice to brides planning in the future:  Accept the help of folks who have offered to help you, and remember that you and your fiancé are a team.

Special thanks to my second photographer, Noelle Ireland-Bielak

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Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-45 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-46 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-47 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-48 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-49 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-50 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-51 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-52 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-53 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-54 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-55 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-56 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-57 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-58 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-59 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-60 Rural-Country-Wedding-Photography-by-A-Day-To-Adore-61

Wedding professionals Jennifer and Dirk worked with:

Caterer: The Ramsey Farms Catering Team

Dress: David’s Bridal

Bridal Accessories: Bride’s engagement ring: Kristen’s Jewelry, St. Joseph, MO. Bride’s wedding band: Shane & Co. Groom’s wedding band: Kay Jewelers. Bride’s bracelet, earrings, and hair clips, The Icing.

Hair: Kathy Olvera

Make-up: Kathy Olvera

Bridesmaid Dresses: RenzRags, San Diego, CA

Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse

Flowers: Corsages & Boutonieres: Lynsie Steele with The Petaler in Grant City, MO

All other floral arrangements, including bridal bouquet: Kathy Olvera

Pies: Stauffer’s Cafe & Pie Shoppe, Lincoln, NE (delivered by Sylvia Buffington)

Invitations: Shine Wedding Invitations

Rentals: Heritage House at Ramsey Farms, Lesanville, Iowa

Dirk’s niece Chloe Wittwer designed and made the floral display on the large wooden cross inside the church.

Dirk made the wood slabs for the centerpieces and cut all the wood stumps for the pie display and beverage stand. He also designed and made the unity candle holder.

Dirk’s Grandpa Yost’s saddle was on display at the reception, as was Dirk’s cowboy hat.

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