Kacy & Dave {Shawnee Mission Park Engagement Photography}

Kacy and Dave met at a wedding.  Her best friend was marrying his dad.  Not long after Dave was on leave from the military just in time to hang out with his family for New Years Eve.  Kacy decided to come along and luckily Dave’s date bailed.  Everyone around them had been trying to set both of them up for quite some time but hadn’t considered setting them up with each other until they hit off that evening.  These two have a way of making each other laugh even across distances and time. Their stunning engagement session at Shawnee Mission Park is just a tiny taste of what’s coming for their big day!  Enjoy!
Shawnee-Mission_Park-Engagement-Photography-in-Kansas-City-1 Shawnee-Mission_Park-Engagement-Photography-in-Kansas-City-2 Shawnee-Mission_Park-Engagement-Photography-in-Kansas-City-3 Shawnee-Mission_Park-Engagement-Photography-in-Kansas-City-4 Shawnee-Mission_Park-Engagement-Photography-in-Kansas-City-5 Shawnee-Mission_Park-Engagement-Photography-in-Kansas-City-6 Shawnee-Mission_Park-Engagement-Photography-in-Kansas-City-7 Shawnee-Mission_Park-Engagement-Photography-in-Kansas-City-8 Shawnee-Mission_Park-Engagement-Photography-in-Kansas-City-9 Shawnee-Mission_Park-Engagement-Photography-in-Kansas-City-10 Shawnee-Mission_Park-Engagement-Photography-in-Kansas-City-11

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