Kacy & Dave {Simpson House | Kansas City Wedding Photography}

Kacy and Dave are one of those couples that are so different from one another but fit together in the most perfect way.  From Dave’s silliness to Kacy’s infectious laughter, these two light up whatever space they are in.  Their intimate outdoor wedding ceremony at the Simpson House in Kansas City was stunning and their reception was spontaneous and fun.  Enjoy!c

From our bride, Kacy:

Favorite Moment of the Day: Dave’s: The whole day!   Kacy’s: All of it!!!  The day couldn’t have turned out more perfectly!  My favorite moment would have to be seeing Dave standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me, and knowing I was about to marry the most perfect man for me.  There was not one thing I would have changed about our wedding!  I am so thankful that we were able to celebrate the day with our closest family and friends, and that our wedding day was fun and laid back.  Everyone did an awesome job at making our day even more special than I could have imagined.  As we begin life’s next adventure, we are getting to do it together and it began with an unforgettable day!

Inspiration for the wedding:  We both wanted a small out door wedding, simple, and most importantly a good time!

Advice to brides planning in the future:  Hire people who are good at their jobs and then step back and let them work their magic!  This will allow you to enjoy your self and the day while staying stress free!

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Wedding Professionals Kacy worked with:  I swear, I was blessed with the ‘A’ team!  Everyone was a perfect fit for us and complimented each other!!!

Wedding Venue: Simpson House

Getting Ready Location: Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza

Wedding Planner: Hitched Floral and Planning

DJ:  Remix DJs

Caterer:  Cupini’s

Dress:  Elizabeth’s Bridal

Bridal Accessories:  Jared Jewelers for our Rings and my pearls

Hair: Ashley Fancher from En Vogue Salon

Make-up: Ashley Backs

Tuxedos:  Mens Warehouse

Flowers:  Hitched Floral

Cake:  Cupini’s Cheesecakes

Favors:  T-Shirts from Aspen Ridge Threadworks

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