Kansas City Fashion Week {Kansas City Fashion Photography}

I have never considered myself much of a fashionista.  I love flipping through a fashion magazine and seeing all of the bold and new ideas for fashion (and at the same time wondering who in the world would actually wear that).  So when I found out about an opportunity to be a photographer for Kansas City Fashion Week
I applied thinking it would be a blast to be at the center of Kansas City’s emerging fashion designers.  The Friday night show was an eclectic mix of gorgeous jewelry, accessories, women’s wear, formal couture dresses, and an absolutely incredible men’s line.  I was in awe at the talent and craftsmanship that all of the designers put into their work.  Saturday morning was a Bridal Show sponsored by Altar Bridal and featured some of the most gorgeous wedding dresses ever!!! The models were simply gorgeous!  To find out more about Kansas City Fashion Week click here.

To see more images from the fashion shows visit my full galleries here.

Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-2 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-3 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-4 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-5 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-6 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-7 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-8 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-9 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-10 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-11 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-12 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-13 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-14 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-15 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-16 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-17 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-18 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-19 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-20 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-21 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-22 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-23 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-24 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-25 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-26 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-27 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-28 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-29 Kansas_City_Fashion_Week_A_Day_Adore-30

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