Katherine and Eric {Kansas City Engagement Photography}

I love snow.  Like really love the fresh clean look of the world, the chill of a snowflake, and all of the awesome winter bundling and hot cocoa drinking that is usually associated with snow.  Except when it won’t stop. Or when it does the I should be spring, but instead I’ll keep teasing you with another blizzard.  Or when I can’t wait to get out and shoot an engagement session for a really sweet couple, but we really don’t want to freeze and would prefer the warm look of spring that this time of the year is supposed to be showing.  That is when the snow needs to stop.  After a couple weeks of watching the weather and making tentative plans, Kansas City finally gave us the warmth that we had been hoping for and Katherine and Eric were finally able to their engagement photos.

Katherine and Eric met freshman year of college.  He played soccer and she was a cheerleader so it was only a matter of time until their paths crossed.  And crossed again.  And then just kept crossing until the paths merged and Katherine was going to St. Louis to meet Eric’s family and he was coming here to meet hers.  Despite the distance then and now, Katherine and Eric are simply perfect for each other.  I am so excited to share their Kansas City engagement session in downtown Parkville and can’t wait for their awesome July wedding.  Enjoy!