Katherine & Eric {Our Lady of Sorrows | Drexel Hall | Kansas City Wedding Photography}

Katherine and Eric met while they were both freshmen at Benedictine College.  Katherine was a cheerleader and Eric was a soccer player so they tended to hang around similar circles.  One night at a simple house party Katherine sat down on a couch next to Eric and asked if she could put her number in his phone.  It’s actually a darling story and one told best by Katherine and Eric.  Their amazing video team from Eran and Aubs created the sweetest love story video that tells the entire story plus how Eric staged a super sweet proposal surrounded by their closest family and friends.  Click the link to see their love story.

Katherine and Eric’s downtown Kansas City wedding started at the beautiful Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church and ended with a rustic soiree at Drexel Hall.

From our lovely bride:

Favorite Moment of the Day: The ceremony itself was so beautiful, however, my favorite moment of the day was definitely all of the dancing at the reception! I love a good dance party and our reception was my favorite dance party of all time. Nothing can compare to being surrounded by all of your closest friends, family, and new husband. To add to this, I also loved channeling my inner Taylor Swift to sing “Love Story” to Eric. He played along quite well and even got down on one knee to help act out the song. 

Inspiration for the wedding:  First off, the church we got married in is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever been too. Honestly, we booked our wedding date around the church’s availability. Eric will make fun of me for this, but I kept telling people our wedding and wedding reception was “urban rustic”. I totally made that theme up, but I tried to bring the country right in to downtown Kansas City!  When I saw that Drexel Hall had beautiful wood floors I knew that this was the place for our reception. I also referred to my reception décor as “the vision”. Eric’s family saw my “vision” and spent countless hours DIY-ing some AMAZING décor. They handmade about a hundred burlap flowers and with the help of a few purchases from Etsy we had some great decorations. Also, Eric and I LOVE all things country, especially country music and it doesn’t get much more country than burlap and mason jars. 

Advice to brides planning in the future: Do as much planning as you possibly can in the first few months of being engaged when it is very exciting and new, because if you’re like me you will get tired of it and just want to fast forward time.  Also, another one of my favorite things about my wedding was that I spent the night with all of my bridesmaids in a hotel the night before the wedding. This really helped to calm my nerves and I am so thankful to have spent that quality time with my sister and best friends. I would definitely recommend doing this if you can! Overall, don’t get too caught up in the craziness of the planning and enjoy this special time, because you can never get it back!

Katherine’s amazing team:

Special Thanks to my second photographer Jessica Martz (and her mad climbing skills)

DJ: Richard at All Ears Mobile DJ

Videography: Eran and Aubs 

Caterer: Nadler’s Catering

Dress: Alfred Angelo from Mia’s Bridal

Hair & Make-up: Jordan Zimlich

Bridesmaid Dresses:  Mori Lee from Mia’s Bridal

Tuxedos/Suits: Bridal Extraordinaire 

Flowers: Katie from the floral department at the Shawnee Hyvee

Cake: Cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes

Transportation: Party Express Bus Kansas City

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