Kelsey and Dean {Nicklaus Golf Club at LionsGate | Kansas City Wedding Photography}

Kesey met Dean online.  A simple case of video chat roulette one night and this handsome, dark haired boy with glasses (huge plus) pops up on the screen.  Their conversation flowed easily and the roulette part fell away.  Little did Kelsey know Dean lived outside of London.  Soon their online relationship changed to a long distance love and after many flights, lots of waiting, and serious issues securing the proper documents, Dean was here and it was time for their gorgeous and intimate wedding day.

I absolutely loved how Kelsey and Dean combined traditions from both of their upbringings to have a truly personal wedding day.  In the U.K. groom’s don’t get to see their bride coming down the aisle.  They don’t turn to look at her until they are side by side as equals.  Signing the wedding certificate is done as part of the ceremony so that everyone can participate in the moment the wedding becomes official.  Kelsey used the good luck charm of a penny in her shoe, but used a shilling that Dean brought.  Guests had their choice between gourmet cupcakes and the traditional wedding fruitcake covered in mazipan that Dean’s dad brought from home.

From Kelsey:

Favorite moment of the day:
Dean: When I saw Kelsey in her dress for the first time, I thought WOW!
Kelsey: When we were sitting at dinner, and Dean and I were able to talk privately about our days and the wedding itself. Even though we were surrounded by our families and friends, it felt like we were alone in the room. 
Inspiration for the wedding: Blending our cultures while still feeling like ourselves. 
Advice to brides planning in the future: Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Don’t worry about what the “normal” bride does and doesn’t do, just relax and do whatever you want!  In case anyone asks: I don’t regret wearing black on our wedding day, because it is a color that makes me feel beautiful and I refused to give up that feeling in order to adhere to what “normal” brides wear.Nicklaus-Golf-Club-at-LionsGate_Wedding_Photography_Kansas_City-1Nicklaus-Golf-Club-at-LionsGate_Wedding_Photography_Kansas_City-3Nicklaus-Golf-Club-at-LionsGate_Wedding_Photography_Kansas_City-2Nicklaus-Golf-Club-at-LionsGate_Wedding_Photography_Kansas_City-4Nicklaus-Golf-Club-at-LionsGate_Wedding_Photography_Kansas_City-5Nicklaus-Golf-Club-at-LionsGate_Wedding_Photography_Kansas_City-6Nicklaus-Golf-Club-at-LionsGate_Wedding_Photography_Kansas_City-7Nicklaus-Golf-Club-at-LionsGate_Wedding_Photography_Kansas_City-8Nicklaus-Golf-Club-at-LionsGate_Wedding_Photography_Kansas_City-9Nicklaus-Golf-Club-at-LionsGate_Wedding_Photography_Kansas_City-10Nicklaus-Golf-Club-at-LionsGate_Wedding_Photography_Kansas_City-11Nicklaus-Golf-Club-at-LionsGate_Wedding_Photography_Kansas_City-12