Kendra & Tyler {Soap Creek Lodge | Kansas City Wedding Photography}

Kendra and Tyler are both born and raised in Iowa.  Somehow these two found themselves living in Utah at the same time.  When Tyler noticed another Iowa license plate parked in his apartment complex he decided to leave a note to say hello.  Three months later the owner of that car knocked and his door and life would never be the same.

Kendra and Tyler’s gorgeous Iowa wedding day began at the Drakesville United Methodist Church with a simple and heartfelt wedding ceremony.  From there they moved to the gorgeous Soap Creek Lodge for a party surrounded by their friends and family.  I loved the opportunity that we had to stop by Kendra’s parents farm for some wedding photos where she grew up.  Enjoy!

From Kendra and Tyler:

Favorite Moment of the Day:
Kendra: My friend Jenny brought the most hilarious gift- a Taco John’s gift card in an actual Taco John’s bag (it was our favorite hang out spot in college). Her boyfriend cleaned the car before they left and accidentally threw it away, so they had to drive back to town and dumpster dive! I noticed the bag on the gift table right before I walked down the aisle. Later on, when I was catching up with Jenny, we noticed the bag didn’t make it from the church to the reception! We asked around and found out it had been thrown away again at the church! Jenny and her boyfriend and Tyler and I went back to the church together and found the Taco John’s bag in the trash can behind the church! 

Tyler: My favorite moment was standing at the front of the church looking out at all the people who came to support us and waiting to see Kendra in her veil.

Inspiration for the wedding: We decided to use a gemstone theme and our venue gave the reception a rustic feel.

Advice to brides planning in the future: We worked on the wedding plans as a couple so we knew all of the details were exactly how we wanted them. We planned in advance so we had time to relax the week before the wedding. On the wedding day, Tyler had some errands to do before the wedding and I decided to go to the church early by myself to have time alone before everyone arrived. It was great to have our time alone to relax before the ceremony. 

A huge thank you to my second photographer Katrina McKinnis.

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Wedding professionals Kendra and Tyler worked with:

DJ: Gage Mikels

Caterer:  Hy-Vee

Dress:  Bridal Solutions

Bridal Accessories: S.E. Needham Jewelers

Hair: Bradly Bish

Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse

Flowers:  Hy-Vee

Cake: Hy-Vee

Favors: We decided on an unusual favor for our wedding guests – Montana Sapphire Gravel! Guests were able to sift through gravel in search of their very own Montana Sapphire! Jerry from El Dorado Paydirt sent us freshly mined gravel for our reception!


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