Kirsten & Alex {Hobbs Building | Kansas City Wedding Photography}

There are moments from each of the wedding days that I have the pleasure of capturing that stick with me. Snippets from the homily or the toast that fill my cup with inspiration.  Seeing relationships strengthened that make me value mine all the more.  From Alex and Kirsten’s it will forever be her sweet vow to Alex’s son, Carsen, during their wedding ceremony.  Unbeknownst to Alex, Kirsten prepared sweet words to have read to Carsen before they took their own vows.  As she stood and took her new stepson’s hand in hers, there was not a dry eye in the house, including mine (do you have any idea how hard it to focus a camera when you can’t see through your own tears).  I can tell you right now that my own sons got an extra big hug that night when I got home.

It was a wedding day filled with so much love, laughter and classic beauty (and glow sticks…don’t forget the glow sticks).  Enjoy!

Special thanks to my rockstar second photographer, Kami Van Slyke.

From Kirsten and Alex

Favorite Moment of the Day:

Kirsten: It’s hard to choose a favorite because I had a lot of favorite moments that day.  If I have to pick one, it would be walking down the aisle with my dad to meet Alex.  I thought I would be extremely nervous, especially since we did not do a first look, but as soon as the doors opened and everyone stood up I saw how many people were there to support us. I loved how we stopped towards the front to let my step-dad join in and then be handed off to Alex by the two men who are big influencers in my life.  I loved seeing my bridesmaids standing up there smiling and really cannot thank them enough for keeping me calm and making sure my belt didn’t get off centered.  I really could not think of a better man to be handed off to than Alex.

 Alex:  I have two favorites.  The first one was seeing Kirsten walk down the aisle.  Kirsten surprised me (and everyone else) with a special vow she wrote to Carson that her sister, Becca read.  It was very touching and looking out seeing everyone wiping tears from their eyes was a very special moment for me.

 Inspiration for the wedding:  I hate to say this, but really I let my vendors give me the ideas.  I didn’t really start with any vision other than I wanted something special that I would look back on and be happy with all my decisions.  I definitely have no regrets and am so incredibly thankful for all my vendors.  They had great visions and gave me so many ideas that I could run with to make the perfect day for Alex and I.

 Advice to brides planning in the future: Hire good vendors and the rest will follow.  I had no idea where to start, but Deanna was the first vendor I booked after booking the venue.  I knew I could trust her and she does an excellent job throughout the whole process.  We took engagement pictures 11 months before our wedding, so we had a lot of time to work together and it was always such a positive experience.  I also picked vendors who had worked together in the past so they were all on the same page. My other piece of advice, if the budget allows is to at least get a month-of wedding coordinator.  I travel for my job and ended up traveling the week before my wedding, but I knew I was in such good hands and everything was taken care of when I was away.  I think that’s also a big part of what kept me calm the entire day of the wedding.  It was such a blessing!  

Advice for the day of: I know everyone says it, but it really did not sink in until I experienced it, but the day will go SO fast so keep a smile on your face and do not let any minor hiccups get you down.  You will laugh about it the next day and if anything, gives you a fun story to tell people.  Enjoy the moment and try to take everything in that you can.  Take time to just observe what is going on because you put so much hard work into your planning and you will see how the hard work paid off.

Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-1 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-2 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-3 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-4 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-5 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-6 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-7 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-8 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-9 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-10 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-11 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-12 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-13 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-14 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-15 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-16 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-17 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-18 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-19 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-20 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-21 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-22 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-23 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-24 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-25 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-26 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-27 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-28 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-29 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-30 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-31 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-32 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-33 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-34 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-35 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-36 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-37 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-38 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-39 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-40 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-41 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-42 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-43 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-44 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-45 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-46 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-47 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-48 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-49 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-50 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-51 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-52 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-53 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-54 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-55 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-56 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-57 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-58 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-59 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-60 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-61 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-62 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-63 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-64 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-65 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-66 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-67 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-68 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-69 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-70 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-71 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-72 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-73 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-74 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-75 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-76 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-77 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-78 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-79 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-80 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-81 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-82 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-83 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-84 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-85 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-86 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-87 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-88 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-89 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-90 Feasts-of-Fancy-Hobbs-Building-Wedding-Kansas-City-Wedding-91

Wedding professionals Kirsten and Alex worked with:

Wedding Ceremony: Cure of Ars Catholic Church

Wedding Reception: Feasts of Fancy at the Hobbs Building

 Wedding Coordinator:  Madison Sanders Events

 DJ: Michael Westerman with Michael Lauren Weddings

 Caterer: Feasts of Fancy

 Dress: Ida’s Bridal

 Bridal Accessories: Veil- Gown Gallery, Jewelry- Nordstroms

 Hair: Mikayla with Be Chic Bride

 Make-up: Mikayla with Be Chic Bride

 Bridesmaid Dresses: Gown Gallery

 Tuxedos: Men’s Warehouse

 Flowers: Jennifer’s Flowers and Events

 Cake: Irina’s Gourmet Bakery

 Invitations: Deanna Johnson with A Day to Adore

 Rentals: All Seasons Event Rental


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