Knox {Lifestyle Newborn Photography in Kansas City}

Every journey has it own ups and downs.  It has ways of bringing people together from unexpected places and often times forming friendships with people traveling along the same road as you.  They the struggles in the same way that you do and understand the ups and the downs in ways that other people can’t relate.  We met Sarah and John early in our medical school journey and quickly connected over girls nights out and get togethers to celebrate the end of a stressful test or course.  I was so thrilled when I found out that they would not only be staying close for John’s residency but that they would also be expecting their own little dear.  Knox was simply the sweetest and I loved getting to meet him only a short while after he entered the world. Kansas-City-lifestyle-newborn-photography-2 Enjoy!Kansas-City-lifestyle-newborn-photography-4Kansas-City-lifestyle-newborn-photography-1Kansas-City-lifestyle-newborn-photography-3Kansas-City-lifestyle-newborn-photography-5Kansas-City-lifestyle-newborn-photography-6Kansas-City-lifestyle-newborn-photography-10