Lexi & Matt {Lake Quivera Country Club Wedding | Kansas City Photography}

There are people that you meet in this life that just stick with you.  You meet and instantly feel like you have known them your entire life.  That is kind of how I felt about Lexi and Matt.  From our first meeting drinking Starbucks on a horribly cold winter day through the moment I got to capture their first kiss as husband and wife, these two have gone from being my clients to being my friends.  They allowed me to be very involved in their planning process and it allowed me to truly see not only their vision for the wedding day but the kindred spirit that they share as  couple.

One of my favorite parts was working with Lexi and Matt to design their wedding invitations.  Lexi had originally told me about her idea to sketch some artwork for the invite.  What I didn’t know at the time was what an artist she truly is and the amazing crest that she would draw and that would become a focal point for the entire day.  We were able to take her original design and weave pieces of it through the wedding invitations, turning the entire thing into a piece of art.

Their stunning wedding day took place at Lake Quivera Country Club.  The idyllic setting was the perfect combination of elegance and class mixed with the beauty of nature.   Enjoy!

From Lexi:

Favorite Moment of the Day:

Matthew ~ The First Look with my Bride 

Lexi ~ I hate speaking and standing in front of large groups! Ha! The ceremony was something that gave me great anxiety, even moments before walking down the aisle. Standing there holding my Groom’s shaking hands, the room did not fade away like everyone said it would. It was not just to two of us surrounded by silence, by our love. I very much felt the presence of every single guest, staring at us. And in that moment I surprisingly felt…proud. Proud to stand with Matthew in front of all these people and declare my unwavering love for him. 

Inspiration for the wedding:  Classic and clean with an elegant, romantic atmosphere.

Color Scheme: Soft and romantic neutral palate including lots of white, ivory, touches of blush and accent pop of black.

Advice to brides planning in the future: The best photos come after a moment of being goofy. 

Somethings List:

•Something Old: The Bride’s Mother’s Veil 

•Something New: The bracelet from the Bride’s parents and the fox broach from the Groom’s Grandmother

•Something Borrowed: The ring bearer’s pillow, with was made out of her Grandmother Latka’s wedding gown

•Something Blue: The Bride’s garter and butterfly broach in her hair

•To remember her dearly beloved Grandparents the Bride is wearing her Grandmother’s (paternal) wedding ring and her Grandmother’s (maternal) Holy Rosary wrapped around her bouquet.  

The best vendors ever: There were a few things out of place as I entered my venue, adding to the stress of the day. But Danny Smith (Lead Banquet Coordinator, also the first time we met)  put an end to that as quickly as the words left my mouth. He made me feel like a queen from the moment we arrived. He quickly floated in and out of sight like a little bee attending to my every whim the entire day. As my brother and sister-in-law drove me to our venue I was quite nervous for the day to go smoothly. But Danny made my very first moments at the venue so relaxed and calm it was a wonderful way to begin. He set the mood for the rest of the day. A special Thanks to Danny Smith and his wife for going above and beyond to make our day relaxed, smooth, and very special!! 

Special thanks to my second photographer Mike Tsai.

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Wedding Professionals you worked with:

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Lake Quivera County Club

DJ: DJ’s For Hire (Mario Estevez and Tim Staley)

Videography: M.O.M Productions

Caterer: Chef at Lake Quivira Country Club

Dress: Maggie Sottero Couture –Mia’s Bridal

Bridal Accessories: Bracelet & Earnings- Swarovski , Butterfly Hair Broach- Vintage, Fox Broach- Australian Crystal,  Shoes- White: Audrey Brooke, Blue: ABS, Jewels are Swarovski. Design on both shoes hand crafted by the Bride.

Hair: Be Chic Bride

Make-up: Be Chic Bride

Tuxedos: TheBlackTux.com

Flowers: Hitched Planning and Floral 

Cake: Icing On The Cake

Invitations: Family Crest Designed/Drawn by Bride, Stationary organized by A Day To Adore Photography and Invitations

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