Lianna & Kyle {Moody Couples Photography in Kansas City Cemetery}

It’s been almost three years since I first met Lianna.  Thanks to a Facebook group for medical school wives and a desperate need for a good babysitter, I found myself sitting with her at Burrito Brothers while my three kids threw quesadillas at her.  Luckily she didn’t scare easily and we couldn’t image a life without her and her amazing husband, Kyle.

When she first approached me about doing an anniversary session for her and Kyle, I of course said yes.  When she proposed shooting it in a cemetery, I said HELL YES!  It took us months to finally get a time on the calendar but it was worth the wait.  The end of fall deep colors provided the perfect richness to a sunny morning and Lianna’s vintage velvet dress only added to the perfection.  After my initial edits I knew I had to dig deeper and do something different with the editing on these photos.  My normal bright tones didn’t quite finish the photos as I wanted, but adding deeper layers and matte tones made them feel just right.  It’s a little something different and I am totally in love.  Enjoy!