Mandy and Keith {Kansas City Engagement Photography}

Life is amazing.  It has a way of running you in circles that you never imagined you would be running in.   When my husband, Kendall, began applying for medical schools almost two years ago, we laughed at the thought of applying to a school in Missouri.  We had dreams of a school on the coast of Maine or deep in the mountains of Colorado.  That said I was willing to go anywhere that he got into as long as it wasn’t Las Vegas (long story:).  When he received an offer from Kansas City, he told me this was it.  He cancelled the remaining interviews and without me even having the opportunity to visit the city, we paid a deposit and signed a lease.  Fast forward a year and here we are.  Living in the heart of the midwest (in humidity like I have never know), in a tiny turn of the century house in our beautiful little neighborhood, loving every minute of a life I never realized I would have.

And meeting people on similar journeys.  Mandy and Keith are both implants to Kansas City.  Finding their way on a journey together.  Lucky for me it is one beautiful journey to capture (especially with their mad frolicking skills:).












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