Marilyn {Belvior Winery Kansas City Bridal Photography}

What do you do when a gorgeous bride puts on her dress on one of the coldest days of the year?  You find the most beautiful indoor location, streaming with soft winter sunlight, and you shoot to your hearts content.  Marilyn had the kind of classic style and timeless features that fit perfectly with the vintage hallways of the Belvior Winery in Liberty, MO.  The Belvior Winery has over 100 years of a history.  It seemed fitting to document Marilyn, a bride on the cusp on leaving her own past behind to start a new future with a man she loves, in a place with so much life and heart.  Enjoy!Belvior_Winery_Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography-1Belvior_Winery_Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography-2Belvior_Winery_Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography-3Belvior_Winery_Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography-4Belvior_Winery_Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography-5Belvior_Winery_Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography-6Belvior_Winery_Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography-7Belvior_Winery_Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography-8