Mary Beth & Jeff {Old Mill Emporium | Parkville Wedding Photography}

Mary Beth and Jeff just have that thing together.  The thing you see in romantic movies but give up hope that it will ever happen for you.  After meeting thanks to a matchmaking service, these two didn’t waste any time falling in love.  Their gorgeous Parkville, Missouri spring wedding day was the perfect combination of all that they love.  Enjoy!

Favorite Moment of the Day:  Mary Beth – There are so many favorite moments of the day so it is difficult to choose just one.  A week before the wedding we went to a Royals game and an acquaintance told us we wouldn’t remember anything so I tried really hard to soak up every moment so as not to forget it.   At the top of the list for the me were my dad walking me down the aisle to Jeff and my dad giving mea way as there were some set backs in the month or so before.  My dad is 88 years old and was having difficulty walking and worked hard with his physical therapist to be able to walk me down the aisle.  Also, I was 38 (I’ve since turned 39) and it took a long time to find Jeff so I had been waiting a long time to walk down the aisle to marry the love of my life.  Another of my favorite moments was walking in at the Olde Mill at the reception and seeing all of our guests cheering for us as Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Porter.  Olde Mill has 2 levels and I remember looking upstairs to see everyone standing around the railing so happy for us.  It was also a very overwhelming moment.

Jeff: When I saw Mary for the First time, but I bet the photos show that!!

Inspiration for the wedding:  Jeff designed my ring with the help of Drennon Jewelry in Independence, MO and he proposed while we were on a catamaran cruise in Mexico.  The “Malibu” blue we chose matched the blue diamonds in my ring.  It also matched the color of diamonds in a heart necklace Jeff gave me for our first Valentine’s Day together.  Since we both like the beach but couldn’t go to the beach for our wedding, we did a coastal theme at the reception.  Beth Chappelow of Chappelow Events did a fabulous job of helping in the creation of the décor and putting just the right touch on it without it being overwhelmingly “beachy”. 

Advice to brides planning in the future:  If you can afford it, hire a wedding planner!!  While we were trying not to spend our life-savings on a wedding, Beth probably saved us money in the long run.  We both have demanding jobs that often take our attention when we are at home so having the time to put a wedding together in the 8 month period of time we had would have required us to have taken significant amounts of time off here and there to accomplish the same goal.  Beth saved us a lot of stress and time by researching venues and vendors and bringing to us only the ones she deemed suitable to meet our needs and budget.

A huge thank you to Mike Tsai for being my second photographer for the day.Old-mill-emporium-parkville-wedding-photography-1Old-mill-emporium-parkville-wedding-photography-2


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Church – St. Therese Catholic Parish, Kansas City, MO

Venue – Olde Mill Emporium, Parkville, MO

Wedding Planner: Beth-Chappelow Events

DJ:  Jim Schlichting

Caterer:  Sugar and Spice Catering

Dress: Something White Bridal Boutique

Bridal Accessories: Veil – Something White; Hair piece was a piece from Mary Beth’s mom’s veil; Necklace was a heart necklace from Helzberg Jewelry that Jeff gave Mary Beth for their first Valentine’s Day together, Watch belonged to Mary Beth’s sister who has passed away.

Wedding Rings and Diamond bracelet:  Drennon Jewelry of Independence, MO

Hair: White Carpet Bride

Make-up: White Carpet Bride

Bridesmaid Dresses:  David’s Bridal

Tuxedos/Suits:  Tip Top Tux

Flowers: Beth- Chappelow Events

Cake:  Sugar and Spice Catering

Favors:  Mini Picture Frames

Invitations, Escort Cards, Programs: A Day to Adore Photography and Invitations

Shuttle service – Overland Transportation

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