Max {Kansas City Family Photography}

Let me start this blog post by admitting that I am not a very good driver.  It’s not that I can’t drive or that I am not competent behind the wheel; the problem is that I am constantly looking out for amazing and unique locations.  Case in point, the beautiful autumn lane that the F Family happens to be standing in for their gorgeous Kansas City family session.  We were having an unseasonably warm Kansas City December and I happened to see this perfect spot…driving down the road.  As much as I try not to double take when that happens, I couldn’t resist noticing this little gem in the middle of a pretty suburban neighborhood.  Luckily, it was right down the street from the F’s house and since it was 50 degrees outside we took Max for a little ride.

After our field trip, we stopped in the F’s front yard for some more baby in the bucket shots (Thank you Linda for not raking your perfect golden leaves), before giving Max a break for some breakfast.  It was so sweet to watch Linda sitting in their nursery rocker feeding her precious little boy.  I’m sure that any mother with a baby can relate, but I am sure they spend a lot of time in that chair.  I got a little teary editing the images later, because it reminded me of those special moments between mom and baby.  I love when my son, Kale, reaches up to touch my face when he is eating or when he puts his tiny hand on my chest like he is trying to tell me something.  There is something magical about looking down into perfect baby eyes.

Linda and Scott thank you so much for letting me into your home and introducing me to your lovely little boy.  With eyes like that, you are going to have a babe magnet on your hands.  Enjoy!
















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