Melissa and Logan {Lawrence, KS Wedding Photographer}

Melissa and Logan are one lucky couple.  This is not their wedding day.  This day is the celebration of their wedding day.  They actually got married on the gorgeous beaches of Jamaica a week earlier.  So this day was just for the rest of us to ooh and ash over one incredibly beautiful couple fresh off their honeymoon.  And with a gorgeous celebration like this, I’m sure no one minded:)  Can I just say I love Lawrence.  So many amazing photo opportunities crammed into one of the most quaint and charming downtowns I have ever seen.  I was one lucky girl in that Melissa and Logan made sure we had enough time in the day to shoot some formals in downtown (and even with all of that time, I still needed more).  The reception was down the street at Lawrence’s Historic Castle Tea Room and we had the perfect evening for a courtyard reception under the big tent.  Melissa incorporated classy beach details to mirror the original wedding day and had an array of delicious cupcakes and cakes.  I adore weddings where the guests really get out and dance and this one totally blew me away.  The guests looked like there were having so much fun country swing dancing, line dancing, and just getting down.  Melissa’s bridesmaid and little sister surprised her with a few songs on her guitar and she had the most gorgeous voice!  Heres to weddings in whatever form they take and to celebrating the people that we love and who love each other.  Enjoy!



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