Michelle & Ed {Kansas City Wedding Photography}

There is something to be said for keeping it small. A ceremony where everyone can sit in the front two rows of the Sanctuary.  The intimacy of a reception where the entire party can sit at one table during dinner.  The sweet simplicity of a day focused on two people coming together to start a new life.

Michelle and Ed wanted a small wedding focused on the importance of the ceremony.  But when Ed’s two daughters found out that they were getting married, they wanted a big party (like they had seen on TV) and got so excited about being in the wedding  party and getting to pick out their own dresses.  They settled on a simple affair with selective details, surrounded by their closest friends and family.

The day started with Michelle’s classic pearls and purple wedding details and a very sweet first look at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Overland Park, KS.  Then the bridal party, consisting of Michelle and Ed’s best friends and two daughters, and myself piled into a limo and headed to The Legler Barn Museum for some pictures.  Michelle and I had both been in a panic trying to find a nearby location that we could use in case of bad weather, but we were blessed with the most perfect and warm January day.  We had full run of this gorgeous park and the most gorgeous sunshine.

Michelle and Ed said their I do’s back at  the church and then finished the evening with an intimate  dinner at the WestChase Grille in Overland Park.  Its was such a pleasure to be a part of Michelle and Ed’s Kansas City Wedding!  Enjoy!


Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-1 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-2 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-3 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-4 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-5 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-6 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-7 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-8 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-9 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-10 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-11 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-12 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-13 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-14 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-15 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-16 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-17 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-18 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-19 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-20 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-21 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-22 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-23 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-24 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-25 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-26 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-27 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-28 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-29 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-30 Kansas_City_Wedding_Photography_Westchase_Grill-31

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