Modern Sunrise Wedding at Mildale Farm|Anna & Andrew {Kansas City Photography}

Ever heard the expression “not a dry eye in the house”? It perfectly sums up Anna and Andrew’s wedding day.  While there were many tears of joy over the union of two incredibly sweet and devoted individuals, most of those tears came from an insane amount of laughter.  Granted some of that laughter could have been due to a lack of sleep caused by the majority of the wedding party (and the photographers) waking up at 4 am to start getting ready, but I believe that this kind of response is perfectly normal anytime anyone gets around Andrew and Anna.  Between the two of them it is impossible not bust out laughing.

Their lovely wedding began early in the wee hours of the morning at the stunning Mildale Farm in Edgerton, Kansas.  Anna and Andrew had decided that they wanted to serve brunch at their wedding reception and so it was only fitting to have a morning wedding.  Their sunrise first look was incredibly sweet and we were blessed with the most stunning sunshine for all of the bridal portraits of the day.  When it was time for the ceremony the sun had warmed up the gorgeous morning and Anna and Andrew were married next to the water in a ceremony officiated by Anna’s older brother.  The reception in the barn was perfect with a coffee bar complete with a take home mugs in all shapes and colors and brunch was eggs, biscuits and gravy, and pancakes with all the toppings.  Guests not only got up and danced, but were also treated to rounds of karaoke and an easter egg hunt (during which Anna and Andrew mysteriously discovered no eggs).   It was an glorious day surrounded by amazing people and a beautiful couple!  Enjoy!

Special thanks to my awesome second photographer Mike Tsai.

A few thoughts from Anna:

Favorite Moment of the Day: Without a doubt our first look at sunrise! 

Inspiration for the wedding: mornings, spring time, and our deep love for breakfast food ☺ 

Advice to brides planning in the future:  Delegate! 


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Wedding Professionals Anna worked with:

Wedding Planner: Michelle Kaiser (Owner of Town Square in Paola, KS)

DJ: Jason Spencer at Lawrence DJ Service

Caterer: Michelle Kaiser (Owner of Town Square in Paola, KS)

Wedding Gown: Ida’s

Hair & Makeup: Mikayla at Be Chic Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Victoria’s Secret

Suits: J Crew

Flowers: Michelle Kaisar (Owner of Town Square in Paola, KS)

Cake: Jan O’Rourke Cakes

Favors: Assorted coffee mugs from second hand stores and sunglasses for our outdoor ceremony

Invitations: A Day to Adore Photography

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