Pam and Roger Wedding Day

So happy to finally post my first wedding shot in Kansas City!!!  It has been such challenge and a blessing to relocate to Kansas City.  When we first got here it was a major culture shock.  I went from living in a small town in our own little cottage to a huge city in a downtown high rise loft.  Talk about some major adjustments!!  It has been a huge stress getting the business set up to operate legally in Missouri, and when the opportunity to shoot Pam and Roger’s wedding came up, I jumped at the chance to get shooting again.  No matter how stressful running a business can be, the moment that camera comes out makes it all worth it.

Pam and Roger got married on one clear and gorgeous November afternoon.  I was overwhelmed at how much their wedding revolved around their mutual love of Jesus Christ and their families.  What a beautiful day for one very beautiful couple.













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