Ruth & Heath {Harvey’s at Union Station Rehearsal Dinner | Kansas City Wedding Photography}

It is always amazing to me to photograph a rehearsal dinner.  I get to see my bride and groom the night before their wedding day.  It is kinda like the last big hurrah before the BIG hurrah.  Close family and friends gather and the air is electric with the excitement of the upcoming wedding day.  Ruth and Heath hosted their dinner at one of my favorites, Harvey’s in Union Station.  The upper deck overlooks all of Union Station while still minting an intimate feeling.  Brancato’s Catering had the dinner well stocked with amazing food including fresh Kettle Chips with Old Bay seasoning (a nod to Ruth’s Maryland roots), shepherd’s pie skewers, and strawberry cheesecake shooters.  Enjoy!!Harveys_Union_Station_Wedding_Rehearsal_Dinner-1 Harveys_Union_Station_Wedding_Rehearsal_Dinner-2 Harveys_Union_Station_Wedding_Rehearsal_Dinner-3 Harveys_Union_Station_Wedding_Rehearsal_Dinner-4 Harveys_Union_Station_Wedding_Rehearsal_Dinner-5 Harveys_Union_Station_Wedding_Rehearsal_Dinner-6 Harveys_Union_Station_Wedding_Rehearsal_Dinner-7 Harveys_Union_Station_Wedding_Rehearsal_Dinner-8 Harveys_Union_Station_Wedding_Rehearsal_Dinner-9

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