Sara & Nick {The Journey Home Photography Retreat | Kansas City Photographer}

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  For me, it often comes from interactions with other people.  Last month I had the amazing opportunity to attend a 3 day photographers retreat at the amazing Journey Home in Dearborn, Missouri.  The premise of the retreat was simple.  This wasn’t a workshop.  There was no schedule.  There were no “teachers”.  It would be a house full of photographers (and some of the most amazing photographers in Kansas City to boot) spending three days eating, drinking, and just hanging out together.  There was a chance a couple of models would be showing up, but no guarantees.  We were just going to see what happened.

And it was amazing.

I have always considered myself very blessed to not only love what I do, but to have the ability to create a living out of photography.  What I didn’t realize was how much that photography could connect me with the people around me.  Not only my clients, but with other photographers.  They understand my language in a way no one else can.  They can challenge the way I think in a way no one else can.  And this amazing group of talented artists that I somehow found myself sharing a house and an experience gave me that challenge and sense of belonging in a way I didn’t know was possible.  To watch another artist work and develop a shot in a way totally different from how I would have approached the same location and subject was awe inspiring (and jealous inspiring as well when I wished I would have thought of it first;).  To watch Pierre and Marco take 30 minutes to set up a 4×5 camera and the model for a single shot, taught me to slow down.  It’s about the quality and the moment more than the click of the shutter.  To sit and listen to other photographers give me feedback and critique opened my eyes to ways that I can improve my own work and the confidence to know that I got this.  To be Dan’s test subject, so he can fix each and every light just so that it would match perfectly for an amazing composite image opened a world I had never even considered.  To watch Matt shoot with nothing but three kodak disposable cameras all week reminded me not to take myself too seriously.  To sit among friends and talk about art and life was just what I needed.

To the photos:

Sara and Nick came out to model not realizing they were jumping into a pit of vipers.  We all had this poor couple running all over the entire plantation property in 30mph winds so each and every one of us couple try out our shot.   Luckily for me Sara and Nick are planning a wedding in October so they had no problem cuddling up for some engagement style photos.  I had one goal in mind for this retreat.  I wanted to try Brenizer Method.  It’s a method used the capture a wide angle shot with the depth of field of a photograph taken with a telephoto lens.  Not only did I figure it out, but I am kind of in LOVE with the dreamy softness that it brings the picture while still capturing the entire environment.  I will definitely have more of these amazing photos coming soon!



1dark-haired-model-with-fabric-kansas-city 3-hipster-couple-engagement-photo 4-couple-with-red-barn-engagements 5-engaged-couple-portraits 6-kissing-couple-with-red-barn-kansas-city-photographer 7-rustic-wedding-couple-photography-the-journey-home 8Modern-kansas-city-wedding-engagement-photography-8 9-the-journey-home-retreat-wedding 10-the-journey-home-kansas-city-photography-night