Snow {Kansas City Lifestyle Photography}

When we moved to Kansas City everyone warned me about the harsh snow filled winters.  After our first mild winter, I had pretty much shrugged them off.  After growing up in Idaho I was used to crazy winters.  How much worse could it get?  When the news started reporting Snowmaggedon 2013, I couldn’t help but laugh.  Schools were closed preemptively and people were flocking to the grocery store for last minute supplies.   When I woke up at 5am on the big storm day (Not by choice, Kale is a very convincing alarm clock) not a single flake in the sky or on the ground.  I laughed and a couple of hours later I went back to bed during Kale’s morning nap.  When Kendall woke me up at 10 there was the thickest white blanket of snow on EVERYTHING.  It was as if the sky just opened up and dropped every snowflake at once.

And the world just stopped.  KC was put in a state of emergency and everyone was advised not to drive.  For the first time I can remember we were snowed in.  And it was wonderful.  We made pancakes and hot chocolate.  We stayed in our jammies and watched cartoons with the kids.  We ran and played in the powder and laughed when it got down our coats.  It was a forced pause in the hectic day to day of normal life.  And something I think we may need to do more often.  Can you declare a snow day when there is no snow?