Surviving a Bridal Show {Engaged at the Grand Ballroom Kansas City Wedding Photography}

Most brides tell me that bridal shows are super helpful and an incredible way to get inspiration for their weddings and to meet top professionals that can make the day happen.  They also tell me that they are exhausting and overwhelming.  I thought it would be helpful to share some wisdom and tips on how to survive the madness that is Engaged {the downtown wedding planning event}.

1.  Do your homework.  Take a few minutes to look over the list of professionals that will be at Engaged {the downtown wedding planning event}.  If you know you are looking for a specific specialty figure out who will be there and visit their website.  Make of list of the must see professionals you don’t want to miss.

2.  Come prepared.  Take a few minutes this weekend to print out a sheet or two of address labels with all of your pertinent information on it.  Be sure to include your wedding date, email, and a phone number if you are ok with professionals calling you to follow up after the show.  Many booths will have some kind of a giveaway or a sign up to receive special offers or discounts.  If you have the label sheets you can simply peel it off, stick it on the card, and you are ready to go.  Otherwise expect some hand cramping from constantly writing (which may be a good excuse to ask for a hand massage from your sweetie).

3.  Get ready to eat!  There will be so much food!  Whether it is the Butternut Squash Ravioli from Brancato’s Catering or the Banana’s Foster cooked right on the spot from Sporting KC there will be plenty to eat at Engaged {the downtown wedding planning event}.  I suggest bringing a bottle of water with you to save you after your 5th cake sampling.

4.  Skip the heels.  The walk from the parking lot to The Grand Ballroom at the Kansas City Convention Center will be long enough, but imagine walking through all of the aisles of booths in 3in heels.

5.  Schedule consultations.  If you love the look and the idea of a professional you meet at Engaged {the downtown wedding planning event}, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with them.  It can be difficult to get all of the information you really need during the hustle and bustle of a show, but sitting down for coffee with them after the show will give you a chance to really get to know the professional you are looking at and to get a good idea if they are the perfect fit for your day.  Setting up a consultation at the show will ensure that you get first choice for your wedding date and will help to maximize your planning time while at the show.  

6.  Don’t compare on sticker price alone. Don’t hesitate to ask professionals for at least their starting package price.  Make sure to find out what things are included in the packages and what things will be additional costs.  There was a bride at the last show that had created a gorgeous spreadsheet with information for all of the professionals she was interested in working with.  The had fields for their contact information and for their pricing.  While this is a wonderful idea, it fails to really line out the things that are included and if that is the only information she gathers, she may end up comparing apples or oranges.  Find out what kind of services are included in the package price.  Do they have a limit on consultations?  What is the prices for additional services that are not already included?  Is there a way to bundle options together to be most cost efficient?  Are they friendly, polite, and informative?  Can you imagine having that person involved in your planning process and are they someone you can trust to be a part of your wedding day?  Again why tip #5 is absolutely vital in your planning process.

So there you have it!  How to survive and enjoy Engaged {the downtown wedding planning event}!  I would love to see you all there!


Engaged {the downtown wedding planning event}

Engaged {the downtown wedding planning event}


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